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694 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215


Sherrie Gallerie is a Contemporary Art gallery located in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in three-dimensional contemporary art including glass, ceramics, wood, fiber, mixed media, and art jewelry.



December 2 - 24, 2017

Blend In Mini small.jpg

Calvin Ma, Perked Up, ceramic, glaze, 5x3x2 in, SOLD

Blend In Mini1 small.jpg

Calvin Ma, Listening, ceramic, glaze, 4x4x2 in

Blend In Mini2 small.jpg

Calvin Ma, Frosted, ceramic, glaze, 4x2x2 in

Blend In Mini3 small.jpg

Calvin Ma, New Growth, ceramic, glaze, 4x2x1.5 in

Blend In Mini5 small.jpg

Calvin Ma, Perched, ceramic, glaze, 4.5x3.25x1.5 in, SOLD

Blend In Mini4 small.jpg

Calvin Ma, Branching Out, ceramic, glaze, 4.5x2.5x1.5 in, SOLD

Blend In Mini6 small.jpg

Calvin Ma, Settled In, ceramic, glaze, 4.5x2.5x1.25 in, SOLD

Aquatic Pumpkins 12%22x 16%22 small.jpg

Laine Bachman, Aquatic Pumpkins, acrylic on canvas, 16x12 in

Spore Flower 11x17 small 2.jpg

Laine Bachman, Spore Flower, acrylic on canvas, 17x11 in

Dew Cactus 11%22x 14%22 small.jpg

Laine Bachman, Dew Cactus, acrylic on canvas, 14x11 in

Pitchers 11%22x 14%22 small.jpg

Laine Bachman, Pitchers, acrylic on canvas, 14x11 in

bluemonkey2 small.jpg

Laine Bachman, Conjoined, acrylic on canvas, 11x14 in

Chikkoi small.jpg

Erika Sanada, Chikkoi, ceramic

img334 small.jpg

Alice Carpenter, February Full Snow Moon, relief inks on paper, 2x5.5 in

sherrie 2 small.jpg

Alice Carpenter, December Long Nights Moon, relief inks on paper, 5x4.75 in

sherrie 3 small.jpg

Alice Carpenter, House by the Side of the Road, relief inks on paper, 3x3.75 in, SOLD

sherrie one small.jpg

Alice Carpenter, November Frost Moon, relief inks on paper, 6x3.75 in

Claire_Prenton_28_preview small.jpg
Claire_Prenton_29_preview small.jpg

Claire Prenton, Snowball Viburnum With Wren, porcelain, SOLD

Claire_Prenton_30_preview small.jpg
Claire_Prenton_31_preview small.jpg

Claire Prenton, Lily of the Valley Lidded Container, porcelain, 12 x 9 x 6 in

Claire_Prenton_36_preview small.jpg
Claire_Prenton_37_preview small.jpg

Claire Prenton, Wren and Grape Hyacinth Lidded Container, porcelain, 8.5 x 9.5 x 6 in

Claire_Prenton_33_preview small.jpg
Claire_Prenton_34_preview small.jpg

Claire Prenton, Dandelion Lidded Container, porcelain, 10 x 9 x 6.5 in

Claire_Prenton_WrenandSpringBulbs small.jpg

Claire Prenton, Wren with Spring Bulbs, porcelain, 10.5x10x5.5 in

Six stripes small.jpg

Melinda Rosenberg, Six Stripes, poplar and barn siding, 23x38x3 in (total)


Melinda Rosenberg, Sprouts, poplar and found wood

Amethyst Sunrise Spiral.jpg

William Ortman, Amethyst Sunrise Spiral, blown glass, 19.5x8x6 in

Night Trails Spiral.jpg

William Ortman, Night Trails Spiral, blown glass, 20x8x6.5 in

Golden Ruby Spiral.jpg

William Ortman, Golden Ruby Spiral, blown glass, 18x8x6 in

IMG_2980 small.jpg

William Ortman, Emerald Reef Teardrop, blown glass

IMG_2984 small.jpg

William Ortman, Amethyst Firefly Spiral, blown glass

IMG_2988 small.jpg

William Ortman, Cealdon Reef Teardrop, blown glass

IMG_2989 small.jpg

William Ortman, Crimson Night Teardrop, blown glass

IMG_2990 small.jpg

William Ortman, Amethyst Firefly Teardrop, blown glass

IMG_2994 small.jpg

William Ortman, Amethyst Firefly Portal, blown glass

IMG_2995 small.jpg

William Ortman, Marine Reef Pulled Lip, blown glass

%22Small Life,%22 2015 small.jpg

Ron Isaacs, Small Life, acrylic on birch plywood, 20 1/4" x 13 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Two Found Knots with Ivy 2.jpg

Ron Isaacs, Two Found Knots with Ivy, acrylic on birch plywood construction, 4.5x4 in

Tulip Poplar with Two Found Knots.jpg

Ron Isaacs, Tulip Poplar with Two Found Knots, acrylic on birch plywood construction, 5x3.75 in


Ron Isaacs, Trio, acrylic on birch plywood construction, 4 3/8 x 2 3/4 in

Three Wild Cherry, One Crabapple 2.jpg

Ron Isaacs, Three Wild Cherry, One Crabapple, acrylic on birch plywood construction, 4.5x3 in

Presence 2.jpg

Ron Isaacs, Presence, acrylic on birch plywood construction, 4 3/8 x 2 3/4 in

Oakleaf Hydrangea with False Vein Pattern.jpg

Ron Isaacs, Oakleaf Hydrangea with False Vein Pattern, acrylic on birch plywood construction, 4.5x3.75 in

Away_Foward_Felipe small.jpg

April D Felipe, Away Forward, ceramic, 12x14x.05 in

she_was_as_lost_to_them_as_they_were_to_her  small.jpg

April D Felipe, She was as lost to them as they were to her, ceramic, 21.5x13x6 in

And_you_as_well small.jpg

April D Felipe, And You As Well, ceramic, 14x13x.05 in

_DSF9615 small.jpg

Janis Mars Wunderlich, Flying Blind, ceramic, 11x14.5x3 in

_DSF9611 small.jpg

Janis Mars Wunderlich, Hang on Tight, ceramic, 9.5x3.5x3.5 in

_DSF9610 small.jpg

Janis Mars Wunderlich, Kilted Dog, ceramic, 13.5x6.5x4 in

_DSF9617 small.jpg

Janis Mars Wunderlich, Boat Ride, ceramic, 3.5x5.5x3 in

01_DSF9642 small.jpg

Janis Mars Wunderlich, Passengers, ceramic, 5.5x7x2.5 in

02_DSF9644 small.jpg

Janis Mars Wunderlich, Goggles, ceramic, 5.5x4x1.5 in

03_DSF9645 small.jpg

Janis Mars Wunderlich, Swimmer, ceramic, 12.5x6.5x3 in

05_DSF9649 small.jpg

Janis Mars Wunderlich, Getting Your Feet Wet, ceramic, 6x8.5x3 in


Sid Chafetz, Ben Franklin, woodcut, 1970, 4.5x3.25 in

IMG_6013 small.jpg

Christian Faur, Coneflower Study, hand-cast encaustic crayons, 14.5x14.5 in

IMG_9118 small.jpg

Christian Faur, Letraset, encaustic, 8x8 in

IMG_1749 small.jpg

Christian Faur, Confection, hand-cast encaustic crayons, 14.5x14.5 in

The Eleventh Hour small 2.jpg

Christian Faur, It's Raining Salt, encaustic, 12x12 in

It's Raining Salt small 2.jpg

Christian Faur, The Eleventh Hour, encaustic, 12x12 in

Colors Don't Cry small 2.jpg

Christian Faur, Colors Don't Cry, encaustic, 12x12 in

IMG_1804 2.jpg
IMG_1803 2.jpg
IMG_1803 3.jpg
IMG_1804 3.jpg
IMG_1803 1.jpg
IMG_1804 1.jpg

Barb Vogel, Studies, 4x4 in each

_SP23003 small.jpg

Julie Woodrow, Skull Cup, hand carved ceramic

_SP23012 small.jpg
_SP23013 small.jpg

Julie Woodrow, Skull Shot, hand carved ceramic

IMG_1748 small.jpg

Julie Woodrow, Chickens, ceramic, varying sizes, sold individually

IMG_1860 small.jpg

Curtis Benzle, Floral 12, porcelain, 4x4.5x4.5 in

IMG_1858 small.jpg

Curtis Benzle, Floral 13, porcelain, 4x4.5x4.5 in

IMG_1884 small.jpg

Curtis Benzle, Floral 2, porcelain, 4x4.5x4.5 in

Short History.jpg

Julie Elkins, Short History, porcelain, mixed media, 29x19x5 in

Veneration small.jpg
Veneration detail 2 small.jpg

Julie Elkins, Veneration, porcelain, mixed media, 12x14x5.5 in

IMG_1745 small.jpg

Julie Elkins, Legacy, porcelain, mixed media, 18x13x3.5 in

image6 small.jpg

Tom Bartel, Small Heads, ceramic

FullSizeRender-7 small.jpg

Michael Kaiser, Valor, scratchboard, 8x10.75 in

FullSizeRender-8 small.jpg

Michael Kaiser, Perch, scratchboard, 10x7 in

FullSizeRender-10 small.jpg

Michael Kaiser, Precious Storm, scratchboard, 10.5x8 in

IMG_1739 small.jpg

Leah Wong, Delicious Series, hand cut children's book pages, varying sizes, sold individually