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694 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215


Sherrie Gallerie is a Contemporary Art gallery located in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in three-dimensional contemporary art including glass, ceramics, wood, fiber, mixed media, and art jewelry.

Julie Woodrow

Impossible Optimism

relic (side) small.jpg

Vestige, ceramic, 22x13x13 in, SOLD

Abundance, ceramic, 12.5x18.5x10 in, SOLD

Performer, ceramic, 23x9x10 in

Fair, ceramic, 14x6x32 in (sold individually)

Floating is Better Than Sinking, ceramic, 24x10x7 in

Persistence, ceramic, flocking, 69x64x6 in (sold individually)

Cloud Splitter, ceramic, 25x13x15 in


Fertile, ceramic, 9x6x6 in

Nidifiguous, ceramic, 13x10x8 in

When Paths Cross, ceramic, 13x7.5x8 in

On Edge, ceramic, 24x12x12 in

Three Chickens, ceramic, from left to right: 3x3x2 in, 6x4x3.5 in, 9x5x5 in, SOLD


Donkey, ceramic, 8x5x10 in, SOLD

It's a New Day, ceramic, 6x7x7 in

Bee with Skull Flowers, ceramic, 6x7x7 in

Three Donkeys, ceramic, from left to right: 4x4.5x6 in, 6.5x2x5 in, 10x5x5 in (sold individually)

_SP23707 small.jpg

Four Skull Bottle, ceramic, 7.5x4.5x4.5 in

tiki vase small.jpg

Neutral Tiki Vase, ceramic, 7.5x5x5 in

Teapot & Two Cups, ceramic, 7.5x9x6 in (teapot), 2x3x3 in (cups, each), SOLD

Blue Tumbler with Flowers, ceramic, 4x3x3 in

Happy Morning, ceramic, 6.5x4x4 in, SOLD

Blackeyed Vase, ceramic 7x4x4 in

Four Full Moons, ceramic, 8x7x7x in, SOLD

Enchanted Bottle, hand carved ceramic, 11x5x5 in

Hoping for a Proper Goodbye, hand carved ceramic, 11x7x7 in, SOLD

Midnight Garden, hand carved ceramic, 8x9.5x9.5 in

Assorted Cups, hand carved ceramic

artist info

"The study of animal forms and themes that merge human experience with the natural world are often points of departure for me to begin developing my ideas.  References to protection and exposure infuse themselves into my visual vocabulary.  Exploring borders, boundaries and barriers in my work has created multiple pathways for me to think about themes of safety, displacement, restriction and loss.  As I work, I’m attempting to inspire feelings that fluctuate between escapism, healing, compassion and hope." - Julie Woodrow

Julie was born in Columbus, Ohio and is a graduate of Columbus Alternative High School.  She earned her B.A.E. from The Ohio State University and her M.A.A.E. from The Art Academy of Cincinnati. She has taught mostly ceramics (along with Native American Studies and Art, General Art, and Adaptive Art) for twenty-two years at Worthington Kilbourne High School.  She is a founding board member of Central Ohio Clay Arts.  Her home in a rural area outside Marysville keeps her constantly outside and connected with nature which, in so many ways, fuels and inspires her work.