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694 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215


Sherrie Gallerie is a Contemporary Art gallery located in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in three-dimensional contemporary art including glass, ceramics, wood, fiber, mixed media, and art jewelry.

Laine Bachman


Second Nature


Cavern, acrylic, 48x58 in

Garden Guests, acrylic, 48x36 in

Carnival, acrylic, 42x52 in

Undeserted, acrylic, 50x66 in

Diamond Forest, acrylic, 48x50 in

Galaxsea, acrylic, 48x48 in (round)

Orchids and Avians, acrylic, 24x48 in

Canopy, acrylic, 48x48 in (round)

Pondering, acrylic, 48x36 in

Below the Mangrove, acrylic, 42x42 in (round)

Rocky Pool, acrylic, 34x44 in, SOLD

Tourmaline Sea, acrylic, 20x24 in

Blackwater, acrylic, 24x30 in

Marsmosses, acrylic, 24x20 in, SOLD


Additional Available Work


Hummingbird Bouquet, acrylic

Biosphere, acrylic

Laine Bachman, Underwater Garden, acrylic on canvas, Sherrie Gallerie

Underwater Garden, acrylic


Slug with Lichen, acrylic


Bayou, acrylic


Eye Bouquet, acrylic, 20.5x16.5 in


Floral with Shells, acrylic


Rose Moss, watercolor, 13x11 in


artist info

Laine Bachman earned her degree in Fine Arts at the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1997. Upon graduating, she stayed in Columbus and has continued as a full-time artist for the past 19 years. 

In 1998 Laine started working at Byzantium where she began teaching bead classes and designing jewelry of her own.  She first showed her jewelry at Sherrie Gallerie in 2003 and her paintings followed with her first show in 2007.

Throughout the years Laine has had work included in several juried exhibitions and group shows at OAL, the Riffe Gallery, The Concourse Gallery, Carnegie Gallery, and Art Palm Beach, and her work has garnered a number of awards and is in many private and public collections.  

Often inspired by myths and folklore, Bachman infuses the world she creates with archetypal imagery, whimsical themes and decorative motifs.  Working in watercolor and acrylics, her paintings are full of creatures and beings that are all part of the larger story behind her work.  She continues to paint on a daily basis and show regularly at Sherrie Gallerie.