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694 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215


Sherrie Gallerie is located in the Short North Arts District, an area known for one-of-a-kind boutiques, galleries and great cuisine. We strive to show the best in local and national contemporary art. We hope you will come and visit.

Michael Bauermeister

Hewn Twist, butternut, tintend lacquer, 42x16x16 in, SOLD

Planes, walnut, tinted lacquer, 25x54 in

Fiery, linden, tinted lacquer, 54x14x14 in, SOLD

Jade Urn, linden, tinted lacquer, 71x19x19 in

Green Gold, linden, tinted lacquer, 71x34 in

Citrus Vessel, linden, tinted lacquer, 50x14x14 in

Slant of Light, linden, tinted lacquer, 60x17x3 in

Reclining Figure, pine, 6x6x26 in, SOLD

Primary Vessel, linden, tinted lacquer, 36x10x10 in

Tree Keeper, walnut, 48x18x11 in

Reclining Landscape, linden, tinted lacquer, 12x34x2 in


Forest Vase, linden, tinted lacquer, 28x20x20 in, SOLD

Damascus Panel, linden, tinted lacquer, 11x31x3 in


Midnight Vessel, linden, tinted lacquer, 44x12x12 in

Cherry Curl, cherry, 20x13x13 in

Mossy Burl, elm burl, 28x10x10 in


Golden Vase, walnut, gold leaf, 13x13x13 in


Water, Trees, Fish, linden, tinted lacquer, 41x41x3 in


Artist info

Michael Bauermeister has exhibited in museums across the United States and is included in numerous permanent collections, including the Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI, the Smithsonian Museum, Renwick Gallery, Washington D.C., the Mesa Museum of Contemporary Art, Mesa AZ, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA. In 2014, Michael Bauermeister was invited to be the Artist in Residence at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, where he became inspired by colors and textures of the Western landscape.

“I make wooden vessels because I have found in them a form of expression that is nearly limitless and that offers the viewer a handle with which to access this sculptural work.  I like the way my ideas flow from one vessel into the next... into the next, with no effort from me.  The only work involved is the physical labor of laminating, turning, carving and polishing necessary to bring them into the world.  I don't hide the marks of this craft. I want people to feel the energy that went into making the piece, but in a restful sense...the way I feel at it's completion.

Most of my vessels are built up out of layers of wood stacked horizontally. I start with a wide thick board from which I cut inside the next.  These are glued upward to make the rough form. It is then carved, turned, etc.  I like to use a variety of woods and finishes, which give a rich color tone to the vessel.” - Michael Bauermeister

"Michael Bauermeister’s wood sculptures capture the wonders of the natural world he loves: pebbles on the shore, a twist of vines, that first exuberant burst of growth in spring. Waves of grain, ripples on the water, and canopies of leafy tree branches come to life on the soulful surfaces of his carved vessels and wall panels and seem almost to move if you gaze long enough. Their rich colors range from forest greens and the deep browns of fertile soil to orangey golds and yellows so citrusy you can practically taste them.”

Joyce Lovelace-American Craft Magazine