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694 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215


Sherrie Gallerie is a Contemporary Art gallery located in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in three-dimensional contemporary art including glass, ceramics, wood, fiber, mixed media, and art jewelry.

April Sunami


IMG_5556 small.jpg

April Sunami, Oshun, oil, acrylic, paper, gold leaf, fabric, and cowrie shells on canvas, 20" x 16"

IMG_5561 small.jpg

April Sunami, Yemeya, oil, acrylic, fabric and cowries shells on canvas, 16" x 20"

IMG_2052 small.jpg

Dviza: Seeking & Knowing, oil, acrylic, paper and fabric on canvas, 20” x 16” , SOLD

sunami_april_13 small.jpg

Grace, mixed media on canvas, 24" x 48"

IMG_2068 small.jpg

My Name, oil, acrylic, paper, glass and cowrie on canvas, 24” x 24” , SOLD

sunami_1jpg small.jpg

I Rise, I Rise, oil, acrylic, cowrie shells, and metal leaf on canvas, 20” x 20” , SOLD

sunami16 small.jpg

Become, oil, acrylic, bamboo paper on wood, 12” x 12”

sunami2 small.jpg

Josephine: Through the Fire, oil, acrylic, photographs and acrylic beads on canvas, 20” x 20”

sunami_april_9 small.jpg

Standing on the Hope, mixed media on canvas, 12" x 24"

sunami3 small.jpg

How Beautiful Am I, oil, acrylic, paper, and mirror on canvas, 20” x 20” 

sunami11 small.jpg

Give/Receive, oil, acrylic, laser cut paper on wood, 12” x 12” 

sunami9 small.jpg

Kairos, oil, acrylic, paper and glass, 12” x 24”

sunami14 small.jpg

Contemplate, oil, acrylic, paper on wood, 12” x 12” 

sunami4 small.jpg

Songi, oil, acrylic, paper, metal leaf and glass on canvas, 20” x 20” 

sunami8 small.jpg

Ola & Ana/Yesterday & Tomorrow, oil, acrylic, paper, metal leaf and acrylic beads on paper, 24” x 12” 

sunami15 small.jpg

Conquer, oil, acrylic, bamboo paper, metal leaf on wood, 12” x 12” 

We Are Powerful Beyond Measure, oil, acrylic, paper, metal leaf, cowrie, and pearl on canvas, 20”x 20”, SOLD

sunami6 small.jpg

Master Teachers, oil, acrylic, paper, metal leaf and acrylic beads on canvas, 20” x 20”

sunami7 small.jpg

If Only You Knew, oil, acrylic, paper, and beads on canvas, 20” x 20” 

sunami12 small.jpg

Know, oil, acrylic and embossed paper on wood, 12” x 12” , SOLD

sunami13 small.jpg

Feel, oil, acrylic, bamboo paper on wood, 12” x 12” 

Artist Info

April Sunami is a professional visual artist primarily focusing on mixed-media painting and installation. She earned her Master of Arts Degree in Art History from Ohio University and her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Ohio State University. Sunami is also an award-winning installation artist through the 2012 Columbus Art Pop-Up Project sponsored by the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Her work has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums including the Columbus Museum of Art, National African America Museum and Cultural Center, and the Southern Ohio Museum. Sunami is married to writer and philosopher Christopher Sunami. They both live in Columbus, OH and co-parent two bright and imaginative kids.

"For over a decade I have considered myself a cultural producer, contributing to the ongoing conversation of race, identity and representation though the creation of paintings that place women of color front and center as the subject of my work. I deliberately create images of strong, spiritual women as a means of proclaiming my personal identity and providing a different lens for the social perception of black women.

Many of my works are titled after West African queens and deities forgotten or ignored by Western historians, Through excavating these names, I feel I am remembering a marginalized past.  In this new body of work I explore the idea of histories tied to economies and bodies tied to currency. Decorative patterns interlace with historically significant images and symbols to create images that are intended to challenge, inspire and make connections with the viewer." - April Sunami