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694 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215


Sherrie Gallerie is a Contemporary Art gallery located in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in three-dimensional contemporary art including glass, ceramics, wood, fiber, mixed media, and art jewelry.

Sid Chafetz

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Portraits     Political     OSU     Still Lifes, Nudes, Landscapes     paintings & drawings




Elias Canetti, color lithograph, 1998, 16x12.5 in

Fitzgerald, woodcut with letterpress, 1968, 15.25x10.25 in

Self Portrait, color lithograph, 1987, 22x15 in

George Orwell, etching, 1984, 17.75x11.75 in

Vicky and Eddie, etching, 1970, 12x9.5 in

Isaac Bashevis Singer, lithograph, 1981, 14.5x11 in

Gary Snyder, etching, 1987, 11.25x8 in

Eudora Welty, color etching, 1981, 13.25x9.5 in

Adele, lithograph, 1947, 13x10.5 in

Classical Stroller, color etching, 12.5x7.5 in

Thoreau, lithograph, 1978, 21x15.25 in

James Baldwin, lithograph, 1981, 17x12.25 in

Mark Strand, color woodcut, 1988, 6.75x4.75 in

W.C. Williams, etching, 1970, 8x5.75 in

Ben Franklin, woodcut, 1970, 4.5x3.25 in

Robert Lowell, woodcut, 1967, 26x18 in

Lady and Dogs, color lithograph, 1988, 21.5x13.75 in

A.J. Muste, woodcut, 1967, 26x15.5 in

A.J. Muste, woodcut, 1967, 23.25x11.5 in




Ephemera Series #8 (Even the Biggest Ball of String), color etching, 1977, 35x23.75 in

Ephemera Series #4 (For the Archives), etching with chine colle, 1974-6, 23.24x17 in

I Hear America Singing II, color lithograph and etching, 1970-72, 17.25x20.25 in

She Weeps...and Needs To, lithograph, 2000, 19x13 in

Souvenir, etching and aquatint, 1960-1969, 9.75x7.5 in

Right: Patriotism II, etching, 1970, 10x8.75 in

Three Women, etching, 1968-1971, 7.5x9 in


The Ohio State University


Moo-oo, color woodcut, 1963, 17x24in

Swift, etching and aquatint, 1970, 15x14 in

At the Game, color lithograph, 1989, 9.5x8.5 in

Baa-aa, etching, 1963, 8.5x14 in

Cheerleaders, color woodcut, 1984, 20.5x13.5 in


Still Lifes, Nudes, Landscapes


Objects, woodcut, 1951, 8.5x17.5 in

Reclining Nude, color lithograph, 2002, 16x21.25 in

Mountain Landscape unique.jpg

Mountain Landscape, unique etching, circa 1970 

Family Group, woodcut, 1951

Mountain Landscape, color woodcut, 1971, 16x13 in

Landscape, woodcut, 1950

MacDowell Patters, color woodcut, 1979, 14x20 in


Paintings & Drawings


"Only" Landscape (Providence, RI), ink wash, circa 1947, 17x13.5 in

Ink Wash Couple Walking small.jpg

Stroll, ink wash, 11x14 in

Left: Portrait, watercolor, circa 1947, 18x12.5 in

French Landscape, pastel drawing, 24.25x17 in

Angry Man and Dog.jpg

Angry Man With Dog, pen on paper, 7x3.75 in

Woody Hayes.jpg

Woody, pen on paper, 8x10 in

Spring Lady on Envelope.jpg

Spring Lady on Envelope, pen on envelope, 6.5x3.5 in

Artist info

Sid Chafetz was passionately interested in politics, justice, education, and literature and almost equally fond of puns, jokes, and bawdy humor. To him, being an artist meant “using satire to stab at pomposity, whether in my own field of academe or in our political world” and “honoring the great poets and writers who speak to the human condition.” These beliefs permeated his art.

Chafetz was born on March 27, 1922, in Providence, Rhode Island. He enrolled at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1940 and was drafted into the U.S. Army two years later. After serving in the war, Chafetz returned to the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating in 1947. He then went back to Europe and continued his professional training at L’Ecole Americaine des Beaux-Arts in Fontainebleau, France; the Acadãmie Julian in Paris; and with artists Fernand Lãger and Stanley W. Hayter.

 Chafetz came to teach at The Ohio State University in 1948 and was instrumental in establishing and nurturing the printmaking program in the Department of Art. He retired from the university as professor emeritus in 1982 so he could concentrate on his own work. Chafetz remained active as a working and exhibiting artist throughout his life.

 His honors and awards included two Fulbright Fellowships, a Louis Comfort Tiffany Award, a MacDowell Fellowship, and a Ford Foundation grant. Private and corporate collections worldwide, and in such museums as the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Library of Congress, the Museum of Modern Art, the Morgan Library, the New York Public Library, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Columbus Museum of Art, a major repository of his work.