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694 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215


Sherrie Gallerie is a Contemporary Art gallery located in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in three-dimensional contemporary art including glass, ceramics, wood, fiber, mixed media, and art jewelry.

Mattia and Marco Salvadore

Vivace 1, blown and carved glass, 27.5x16x7 in

Vivace 3, blown and carved glass, 29.5x14.5x8 in, SOLD

Vivace 6, blown and carved glass, 31x17x9 in

Vivace 4, blown and carved glass, 31x16x7.5 in, SOLD

Vivace 7, blown and carved glass, 30.5x16x5.5 in, SOLD

Vivace 5, blown and carved glass, 33x14.5x6.5 in

Eviva 4, blown and carved glass, 28.5x15x6 in


Vivace 2, blown and carved glass, 27.5x13.5x6 in

Eviva 11, blown and carved glass, SOLD

Vaso Giaponese, blown and carved glass with silver and gold leaf

Icrociato, blown and carved glass, 27x18x8 in

Spirale, blown and carved glass

Spirale, blown and carved glass

artist info

Studio Salvadore is a collaborative glass production team headed by Muranese artists Mattia and Marco Salvadore. The two brothers began working alongside their father, Davide Salvadore, in the studio Campanol e Salvadore as young boys. Both Mattia and Marco inherited their father's passion for the material, and began to work with him full time after attending college.