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694 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215


Sherrie Gallerie is a Contemporary Art gallery located in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in three-dimensional contemporary art including glass, ceramics, wood, fiber, mixed media, and art jewelry.

Christian Faur

Kiwi Slice, hand-cast encaustic crayons, 24x24x2.5 in, SOLD

Seedless Watermelon, hand cast encaustic crayons, 27x13.5 in, SOLD

Peaches, hand cast encaustic crayons, 27x13.5 in


Lemon Yellow, hand cast encaustic crayons, 14x14 in

Melodie 74, hand cast encaustic crayons, 14x14 in

Tending Gardens of Ash and Symmetry, encaustic, 10x10 in 

WPA Boy, fused encaustic, 24x24 in

Woman, fused encaustic, 24x24 in



Yearbook Series, 2200 hand cast encaustic crayons, 14.5x14.5

True Color Series - Girl, 2200 hand cast encaustic crayons, 14.5x14.5

Godfather, hand-cast encaustic crayons

Forgotten Children Series-Girl, hand cast encaustic crayons, 21x21in

Despair, 5000 hand cast encaustic crayons, 21x21 in

No. 08-205, 199 dollar bills, black tea, thread, 53x31 in, SOLD

No. 08-205, detail


Anonymity, hand cast encaustic crayons, 14.5x29 in


Gardeners Replaced by Wolves, encaustic

thequickbrownfoxjumpsoverthelazydog, encaustic

Marlboro Man, encaustic, 12x12 in

It's Raining Salt, encaustic, 12x12 in


Colors Don't Cry, encaustic, 12x12 in

Know Your Bones, encaustic, 12x12 in

The Eleventh Hour, encaustic, 12x12 in

artist info

Faur was born in 1968 in New York City and moved throughout his childhood, from Chicago to Los Angeles to Sacramento. Making art was his constant, “the thing I always kept for myself.” After serving in the Army, he earned a degree in physics from California State University, Northridge, then taught physics and math at an L.A. middle school while exhibiting his oil paintings on the side. In 2000 he settled in Granville, Ohio, where today [he is] on the faculty at Denison University… In 2008 he finished an MFA in visual art and new media through the Transart Institute, a program based in Austria and New York.

It was Christmastime in 2005 when Faur was building a wooden crayon box as a gift for his daughter that inspiration struck. He was painting and sculpting with encaustics then, and had come to enjoy the versatility and properties of wax, “this fantastic surface quality that’s neither glossy or varnishy or highly polished, nor matte or dull.” But handling those crayons, observing how their tips absorbed light and conveyed dimension and texture when piled en masse, spurred his imagination.

He’s been playing with crayons ever since…with [four] solo shows at Columbus’ Sherrie Gallerie since 2007.  --Joyce Lovelace, American Craft


"The things that inspire me to create, I find, are buried deep within the structures and systems that form the underpinning of our natural world. My studies in the natural sciences have made me aware of these hidden layers of complexity present in even the simplest objects. These invisible layers are seen most clearly through the lens of logic, which is used to decipher the underlying rules and laws that govern the physical world.

In my work, I try to mimic these elegant structures of nature by developing systems of my own with which to express my thoughts and ideas, so that the medium and the message appear as one." - Christian Faur