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694 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215


Sherrie Gallerie is a Contemporary Art gallery located in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in three-dimensional contemporary art including glass, ceramics, wood, fiber, mixed media, and art jewelry.

Claire Prenton

Wren with a Key, porcelain and 22kt gold luster, 8.5x9x5.5 in

Claire_Prenton-04 cropped.jpg

Wren and Hyacinth Coffee Potporcelain and 22kt gold luster, 15.5x7x4.5 in

Claire_Prenton-18 cropped.jpg

Gold Berries Vase, porcelain and 22kt gold luster, 11x6x6 in 

Blossom Vase, porcelain and 22kt gold luster, 8x8.5x4.5 in

Honeycomb Teapot with Grape Hyacinth, porcelain and 22kt gold luster, 13.5x9.5x5 in

Claire_Prenton-17 small.jpg

Wren and Wild Blueberries Bowlporcelain and 22kt gold luster, 12x12x4.5 in

Wild Blueberry Flower Vaseporcelain and 22kt gold luster, 5.25x6x8 in

Wild Blueberry Basketporcelain and 22kt gold luster, 4x5.75x4 in


Berry Spoonsporcelain and 22kt gold luster, 6.75x2x1 in each

Beachcomber Vaseporcelain and 22kt gold luster, 8x5.75x4 in

Large Shell Vessel, porcelain, 22kt gold and platinum luster, 16.5x7x7 in

Seaweed Teapot, porcelain, 20 kt gold luster, 12x6.5x4 in

Claire_Prenton_Magnolia Basket_03 small.jpg

Magnolia Basket, porcelain, 10.5x8.5x5.5 in

Forget-Me-Not Cupsporcelain, 20kt gold luster, 4.25x4.25x3 in each

Woodland Cupsporcelain, 20kt gold luster, 4.25x4.25x3 in each

Blossom Cupsporcelain, 20kt gold luster, 4.25x4.25x3 in each

Shell Cupsporcelain, 20kt gold luster, 4.25x4.25x3 in each

Twig Spoons, porcelain, 20k gold lustre, varying sizes

Shell Spoons, porcelain, 20k gold lustre, varying sizes

artist info

Claire Prenton is a British ceramic artist who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Claire studied Design Crafts at the Cumbria College of Art and Design specializing in textile design and embroidery. She then gained a Certificate in Education from the University of Central Lancashire and taught art at Nelson and Colne College. In 2004 she moved to Seattle with her husband Justin and became an assistant at Kirkland Arts Center, supporting Pat Colyar in the pottery studio and studying with Carol Gouthro. Claire moved to Cincinnati in 2011 where she has her own ceramic studio.

"Inspired the beauty of nature, my work reflects the minute detail, textures and patterns found in shells, coral, driftwood, flowers and plants. Rather than making an exact copy, I capture the essence of the subject, believing that it is the life and narrative in each piece that’s important. Whether its a tiny dew drop on a leaf or a shell beginning to open and reveal the pearl held within, I try to evoke the sense of a moment frozen in time. I often find it’s the imperfections and blemishes which are the most appealing as they give the piece a life energy.

My pieces also have a vintage quality which comes from my love of ornament and decoration found in historical architecture and costume. I create richly embellished areas using incising and stamping and then add slip and sprigs to achieve an almost jewel-like embroidered quality to the piece. Gold is added in the final firing to give a brilliance and feeling of opulence to the finished work." - Claire Prenton